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Czarina Hats - $165.00
Our most popular women's style. The cap is made of six pieces of Shearling with a suede button at the top. The brim is a wide band of sheepskin made from one of the following: Luster Lamb - a longer-length wool (1.5 - 2 inches) with a fox-like finish, or Mouton - a short clipped fur (3/4 inch) with a dense soft finish. Available in any size, and in the following colors:
Czarina Cap Colors
Czarina Brim Colors
  • Brown - Cafe brown suede and fleece
  • Black - Black suede and fleece
  • Red/Black wool - Red Suede with black fleece
  • Olive Green - Olive Green suede and wool
  • Purple - Purple suede and fleece
  • Luster Lamb
    • Black
    • Brown
  • Mouton
    • Black
    • Brown
We often have additional colors. Please contact us to check availability.
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